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Brief History of sahiwal

Sahiwal Division is one of the nine Divisions of Punjab Province of Pakistan. As of 1998, current regions of Sahiwal had a population of 6,271,247 people, with an annual growth-rate of 1.92% Since 2008, Sahiwal District  along with Okara District and Pakpattan District has comprised the Sahiwal Division. The City of Sahiwal is the capital of both the district and the division. About 18 miles south-west of Sahiwal is Harappa, an ancient city of the world, oldest urban center of Harappan or Indus civilization in South Asia. About 28 miles (45Km) West of Sahiwal, at Kamalia, is the site of Malli city captured by Alexander the Great in 325 bc.  Alexander stayed in this region of Punjab for two years and fought almost 12 wars during his stay. Sahiwal is approximately 180 Km from the major city Lahore and is the city between Lahore and Multan. A small village on the Karachi-Lahore railway line during 1865 was name Montgomery after Sir Robert Montgomery, then lieutenant-Governer of Punjab was made the capital of the Montgomery District. Its name was reinstated as Sahiwal in 1967 after the Sahi clan of Kharal Rajpoots who are the native inhabitants of this area.

The city is in the densely populated region between the Sutlej and Ravi rivers. The principle crops are wheat, cotton, tobacco, legumes, potato, and oilseeds. Cotton goods and lacquered woodwork are manufactured.


Sahiwal Division of following three Districts and seven Tehsils;












Renala Khurd





Twin City

Sahiwal is twinned with the town of Rochdale, in Greater Manchester, North West England. There is a direction sign in Rochdale’s town centre pointing in Sahiwal’s direction with “Sahiwal 3960 miles” written on it.

Notable people from Sahiwal.

·        Majeed Amjad, Urdu poet

·        Mushtaq Ahmad, former test cricketer

·        Manzoor Elahi, former test cricketer

·        Tariq Aziz, Television anchor

·        Attash Durrani, urdu writer and scholar

·        Kunwar Mohinder Singh Bedi Sahar, Urdu poet

·        Munir Niazi, Urdu Poet

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